Market Data Module

Analyze, monitor, and respond to external market conditions by tracking key oil, gas and NGL prices

Companies today require timely and accurate insight into market conditions. To help monitor daily oil, gas and NGL price developments and analyze their revenue impact, EMK3 offers the Market Data Module.

The Market Data Module allows producers to monitor key oil, gas and NGL pricing information for both US and Canadian markets. It provides daily, weekly, and monthly pricing data and includes powerful graphing and analysis tools for observing trends, comparing differentials (to NYMEX or other index points), and analyzing pricing formulas.

Market Data Module Key Features

Track Crude Oil Prices

Track crude posting prices (from over 25 companies), crude assessment prices, NYMEX Light Sweet Crude and Brent.

Track Natural Gas Prices

Track Gas Daily, IF/FOM, and NYMEX Henry Hub prices. Data for both US and Canadian markets.

Track NGL Prices

Track NGL prices from all major locations.

Track Basis Differentials

Track basis differentials to NYMEX for forward-curve analysis. Load forward-curves from CME NYMEX Clearport data files.

Calculate Market Differentials

Conduct detailed analysis of differentials between various gas indexes (i.e markets) or between various crude postings (both by crude grade and posting company).

Run “What if” Analysis

Run “what if” analysis by factoring in transportation deductions or sales price deductions. Create different pricing scenarios and compare value.

Receive Data Electronically

Pricing data for crude oil, natural gas and NGLs are received electronically daily.

Automate Price Alerts

Be alerted automatically of missing gas index prices (for example when an index doesn’t publish) so you know when to negotiate a price.

Graphical Analysis

With dashboard technology, visually and interactivity monitor oil, gas, and NGL prices and visualize trends.

Download Prices to Excel

Download all market data prices into Excel for further analysis.

Generate Reports

Price Comparison, NYMEX Strip, NYMEX Roll, NYMEX Daily, WTI Differential, Price Schedule, Market Watch, and more.