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Contract Administration Module

Conveniently manage all oil, gas and NGL sales and purchase contracts in one place.

For companies that have relied on a mix of spreadsheets and paper to document and manage various contract information, EMK3 offers the Contract Administration Module.

The Contract Administration Module allows you to manage all oil, gas and NGL sales contracts along with any 3rd-party purchases. Store all your contract terms in one convenient place. This module has extensive pricing formula support including gas plant sales with liquids. You can monitor contract expiration dates, generate gas confirmations, and even electronically store your executed agreements.

Contract Administration Module Key Features

Manage all Contract Terms:
Manage all oil, gas and NGL sales contracts and 3rd-party purchase contracts. Store all contract terms such as begin/end dates, extension instructions, volume obligation, delivery location, pricing formula, counter-party contact information and more.

Quick Deal Entry:
Enter transaction terms quickly from the user dashboard using the Quick Deal Entry form.

Generate Confirmations, Briefs, Exhibits, and other Documents:
Print contract terms using a number of standard reports, or create your own custom document templates and have the document generator tool create Microsoft Word files.

Support Gas Plant Sales:
Support for gas plant sales with liquids and processing fees.

Support Advanced Pricing Formulas:
Extensive support for various pricing formulas such as percent or differential to index, POP, multi-index average-high-low, tiered pricing based on volume delivered and more.

Document Approval Process:
Set up and manage a process for reviewing and approving contracts, including automatically notifying each approver and recording their approval (digital signature).

Store Executed Contracts:
Electronically store executed contracts in the system for centralized storage and convenient access.

Store General Terms and Conditions:
Upload your GT&C documents for convenient document storage.

Define Contract Alerts:
Set up automated user alerting of upcoming contract expirations that require action, such as a written cancellation or renewal negotiation.

Use Batch Copy/Edit Functions:
Simplify data input and maintenance with batch copy and batch edit commands. Also use rate tables for frequently changing contract rates.

Generate Reports:
Contract Brief, Contract Status, Contract Price, Contract Transaction, and more.

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