Technology Features

EMK3's patented software suites bring a new level of efficiency to oil producers, gas producers, and midstream operators. Our software is built on proven and reliable technology that also incorporates many of today's newer features, such as XML and web services. Our software has been designed to offer high performance and rich features for companies both big and small.

Our application architecture is comprised of various modules that plug into our core system infrastructure. Each module provides a unique set of functionality while the core system infrastructure provides basic services, like security and reporting, across all modules (see figure below).

Technology Features

Deploy On-Premise or in the Cloud

EMK3's application suites can be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud. Because the user interface is entirely web-based, deployment to leading cloud providers like Amazon AWS, Rackspace and Microsoft Azure is fully supported. If traditional on-premise deployment is prefered, the application can run on a server located alongside other back-office systems.

Convenient Web-Based Application

EMK3's application suites are entirely web-based, offering simplified deployment and maintenance. Each user requires only a web browser, eliminating the need to install client software or worry about computer compatibility. This also makes it easy to centralize access across multiple branch offices.

Seamless Systems Integration

EMK3's application suites can be integrated in with your existing IT infrastructure and exchange information seamlessly with other business systems, such as production and accounting. This is accomplished through a flexible integration interface within the EMK3 system that can be called programmatically for sending and receiving data.

Customizable Reporting

EMK3's application suites includes many pre-defined reports that satisfy most reporting needs. However for users wanting unique reports, the EMK3 system allows reports to be customized so you get just the information you need in the format you want.

Powerful Electronic Collaboration

EMK3's application suites have unique electronic collaboration features that allows oil and gas producers to exchange information electronically with external business partners and stakeholders. This opens up new possibilities for automation and efficiency. For example, request-for-bid packages can be sent to prospective buyers, gas confirmation can be sent to counter-parties, and crude run tickets/statements can be received from buyers... all electronically!

Leading OS Platform

EMK3's application suites use Microsoft's Windows Server for the operating system platform. Windows Server offers proven reliability, performance, and manageability in addition to robust application support.

High-Performance Database Engine

EMK3's application suites use Microsoft's SQL Server as the data repository and database engine. SQL Server incorporates the best of performance, scalability, and reliability in an enterprise-class RDBMS. It has the lowest implementation and maintenance costs in the industry and offers the most 3rd-party tools and support.