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The Risk Management Modules are designed for oil and gas producers to effectively and efficiently monitor vital Credit and Hedging activities. It provides deep functional support for capturing all credit terms and calculating credit exposure. It also provides hedging deal capture with reporting and analysis.

Risk Management Modules:

The Credit Module is designed for oil and gas producers to carefully monitor vital credit activities. This module allows you to capture all credit terms, maintain accurate account balances, and value all physical and financial (hedge) transactions to give you realtime credit exposure. Exposure can be evaluated 30, 60, 90 or more days into the future and reported by counterparty.

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The Hedging Module is designed specifically to accommodate typical hedging activity by oil and gas producers. This module allows you to capture budget volume and budget price parameters and define hedging strategies. It includes full transaction support for Futures, Options, Swaps, and Collars. This module includes reporting and analysis capabilities for calculating hedge volume and price, forecasted gain/loss, hedge positions, and more.

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