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Plant Accounting Module

Powerful tools to manage complicated gas plant accounting functions

Operating a gas plant is a complex and time-consuming process. A gas plant presents a variety of complicated calculations and transaction requirements. A good plant accounting system requires both ease of use and flexibility. For this, EMK3 offers the Plant Operations Modules.

The Plant Operations Modules are a complete plant accounting system. It provides deep functional support for plant operators to efficiently manage the full range of complex transactions. This includes tracking gas analysis components, storing metered production volumes and capturing all contract terms for both POP purchase and cost recovery. The Plant Operations module performs full volume allocation back to receipt meters and producers. It also performs full cost allocation. As output, the module generates plant statements and various revenue and volume reports.

Technology Features

Track OPIS and Platts NGL Prices:
Track both OPIS and Platts NGL prices from all major locations. Pricing data is received electronically daily with no user input required.

Configurable Plant Setup:
Configure multiple plants each with their own unique requirements all within a simple template-based architecture.

Capture Meter Information:
Capture and manage information on all meters connected to the plant. Information includes meter name, meter no., meter type and status, operator, segment, capacity and more. Also capture producer allocation percents.

Store Gas Analysis Data:
Store various gas analysis information such as BTU, GPM, MOL%, Pressure, Temperature, CO2, N2 and more.

Integrate with Production System to Store Production Data:
Integrate with your production system to receive daily meter readings for both “Estimated Actual” and “Actual” production in multiple units like MCF, measured MMBtu and Bbl.

Manage all Producer Contracts and their Terms:
Manage all the details of your producer contracts such as contract number, contact information, POP %, multi-tiered fees, keep-whole, well-head purchase, fixed recovery, fixed fuel and more.

Calculate Plant Allocations:
Calculate all plant allocations including complex multi-tied product level or component level allocations.

Calculate Valuation for Settlement to Producers:
Calculate all settlements to producers including complex contract terms and multi-tiered fees.

Generate Producer Statements:
Generate the producer statements and send via email. The producer statements include all component allocations, product valuations, and fee expenses.

Calculate Margins:
Calculate a gross margin by meter and by contract. Also calculate a gross margin by plant.

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