Pipeline Ops Nominations & Allocations

Powerful tools to manage critical pipeline operation functions

Pipeline operators face the day-to-day challenge of managing their contracted volume obligations. Unexpected flow issues can have a severe impact on revenue and result in costly pipeline penalties. Setting the nominations for the month and monitoring each day requires both timely data and effective tools for managing the information. For this, EMK3 offers the Nominations & Allocations Module.

The Nominations and Allocations Module provides powerful tools to manage critical pipeline operation functions. You can calculate entitlements, load and manage nominations, calculate allocations and track shipper imbalances and then generate over a dozen reports. In addition, you can get a system overview of all activity on the pipeline in order to easily balance at a pipeline level.

Pipeline Nominations and Allocations Key Features

Calculate Entitlements

Calculate entitlements for shippers for either your equity gas or for 3rd-party shippers when nominations are not provided. Seamlessly transfer entitlements to nominations.

Track Nominations

Track shipper nominations by cycle for both scheduled and confirmed and generate confirmations to shipper and operator.

Receive Nominations Electronically

Use the EBB module to have shippers submit nominations electronically. Alternatively, have shippers send a CSV data file or a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with nominations.

Multiple Nomination Views

View nomination data in a variety of different ways for easier management. View nominations by shipper contract, by meter, or by total receipt/delivery. Balance nominations by Gross vs. Net receipt or by receipt vs. delivery.

Track Downstream Contracts

Track downstream contract nominations with information like pipeline, meter, contract number, market and rank.

Calculate Allocations

Apply a variety of allocation methodologies and volume deductions to calculate meter allocations. Generate allocation reports for shippers and email.

View All Activity from a System Overview

See all scheduled, confirmed, and allocated activity from a “System Overview” in order to easily balance at a pipeline level.

Manage Shipper Imbalances

Calculate and track shipper imbalances by shipper contract including cumulative ending imbalance. Also, apply cash-out provisions and generate end-of-month statements.

Manage OBA Imbalances

Calculate and track OBA imbalances by OBA contract including cumulative ending imbalance.

Generate Reports

Shipper Receipt Confirmation Report, Shipper Delivery Confirmation Report, Operator Confirmation Report, Shipper Daily Imbalance Detail Report, EOM Shipper Imbalance Statement, and more.