Plant Ops Revenue Reporting & Analysis

Generate detailed plant statements and insightful margin reports

For companies that have relied on a mix of spreadsheets for calculating plant expenses and generating plant statements, the effectiveness of data controls and quality of data management is a serious concern. For those companies who need to improve information management beyond spreadsheet systems, EMK3 offers the Revenue Reporting and Analysis Module.

The Revenue Reporting and Analysis Module captures all data used for revenue and expense calculations and provides critical internal controls for information management. This module provides full transaction processing capabilities for calculating all plant expenses and Gas and NGL purchase terms. As output, the module generates plant statements, margin reports and more.

Plant Revenue Reporting and Analysis Key Features

Calculate all Fees

Calculate all rate information such as gathering fees, treating fees, fuel rates and more for each meter on a plant contract.

Calculate Complex Fee and Expense Allocations

Perform complex calculation logic using a powerful yet intuitive feature called “Special Allocations”. With Special Allocations, you can model spreadsheet-style math natively within the application for the ultimate in flexibility.

Calculate Gas and NGL Purchases

Calculate all Gas and NGL purchase terms including tiered POP percents and complex pricing formulas.

Generate Plant Statements

Generate plant statements for each producer. Plant statements can be automatically emailed as a PDF or Word attachment.

Calculate Multiple Versions of Revenue

Store multiple revenue calculations, such as “Preliminary” and “Final”. In addition, generate revised statements.

Analyze Revenue by Meter and Contract

Analyze your plant revenue by both meter and contract using standard margin reports.

Post Plant Statements and Reports to Connect

Using the Connect module, you can post all plant statements and reports for producers to download. All reports can be downloaded into Excel for producers to easily interface with other back-office systems.

Generate Reports

Invoice Summary, Plant Expense by Contract, Plant Expense by Meter, Product Pricing Report, and more.