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Revenue Reporting & Analysis Module

Improve information management and internal controls for revenue reporting.

For companies that have relied on a mix of spreadsheets for storing and processing revenue information, federal regulations impose strict rules on the effectiveness of data controls. For those companies who need to improve information management beyond spreadsheet systems, EMK3 offers the Revenue Reporting and Analysis Module.

The Revenue Reporting & Analysis Module captures all data used for revenue and expense calculations and provides critical internal controls for information management. This module provides full transaction processing capabilities from calculating wellhead netback prices, including all gathering and transportation expenses, to powerful reporting and analysis tools.

Revenue Reporting and Analysis Module Key Features

Automate Invoicing:
Calculate the value of all sales and 3rd party purchases and generate invoices. Invoices can be automatically emailed to each buyer as a PDF or Word attachment.

Reconcile Price:
Verify against your counter-party that you were paid the correct price per the contract terms.

Calculate Wellhead Netback Price:
Calculate wellhead netback prices with configurable parameters on deducting G&T expenses, fuel, pipeline cashouts, and more.

Generate Accruals for Accounting:
Generate accruals to provided revenue data to the accounting department.

Automated FERC 552:
Generate the FERC 552 transaction report using contract terms and sales volume captured within the system.

Calculate Prior-Period Adjustments:
Store multiple revenue calculations, such as “Preliminary” and “Final”, and calculate PPAs. In addition, generate revised invoices.

Store Cash Receipts:
Store cash receipts for invoice payments to track unpaid balances.

Store Purchaser Statements:
Store purchaser statements received from buyers for tracking and verification.

Calculate Wellhead Differentials:
Calculate index and NYMEX differentials to wellhead netback prices for a well-by-well comparison.

Analyze Revenue by Buyer:
Analyze your revenue by buyer to manage risk exposure.

Graphical Analysis:
With dashboard technology, visually and interactivity examine revenue.

Generate Reports:
Revenue Accrual, Property Balance, G&T Expense, Product Pricing, Differential Analysis, Revenue by Buyer and more.

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