About Us

We are a innovative technology company

About Us

At EMK3, we are dedicated to offering innovative software and service solutions to energy companies that buy, sell, transport, gather and process, Natural Gas, Natural Gas Liquids and Crude Oil.

Through our flagship software application, EMK3 Senergy, we provide a complete marketing, transportation, and midstream operations solution perfectly suited for Exploration and Production Companies, Marketers, First Purchasers, Gathering and Pipeline Operators, and Gas Plant Operators.

Our Advantage

The advantage of choosing EMK3 as your software provider is this: Your organization actually gets what you expected, when you expected it, within your budget. At EMK3, we don’t make promises we can’t or won’t keep. We always strive to give our customers at a minimum what we promised. We are very careful about each project we pursue and accept responsibility for, because we won’t accept a failure in this area. With EMK3, you partner with a company this is committed to assuring your success.

We call our customers; “The EMK3 User Community”, and each and every member of this community is a reference - without exception. All EMK3 customers utilize the same version of EMK3 Senergy, and they are all highly invested in making this the best application fit for their purpose. The EMK3 User Community is an active group of industry professionals which share and leverage their combined knowledge and best-practices through the process of growing EMK3 Senergy to meet their ever-changing industry requirements. All customers are highly encouraged to provide enhancement ideas which will be considered for development. These enhancements are then developed by our in-house development team and included in a future release at no additional charge. EMK3 absorbs all development costs as a continued investment in our software and your business. The value to your organization is that you know you have an industry-proven, best-practices application. A solution that you know is proven by your industry peers that can be implemented, supported, and grown to meet your ever-changing business requirements into the future. With EMK3, you are assured that your system will not only meet your needs today, but will continue to evolve, in order to meet your needs in the future.

EMK3 Senergy implementations are efficient, effective and affordable. What other software companies would have you believe is that an implementation requires massive numbers of resources and hours. This is true if you are selling a consulting engagement and a “black-box” software product. EMK3 does not sell consulting engagements or “black-box” software; we sell industry proven software that simply works. What this means to your organization is a focus on implementing software, not developing it. Believe it or not, implementations simply don’t have to be as complicated as you have been led to believe. It doesn’t take an army of consultants to implement software that is already fully developed and works! But it also doesn’t mean an implementation project is easy; a successful implementation is a lot of hard work. But this is the value of EMK3’s experienced staff and our approach of partnering to accomplish your goals. At the completion of every EMK3 Senergy implementation, our users are trained and able to run the applications with little to no assistance from us. With EMK3, you are assured the same superb level of success as all of our other customers.

Our Team

EMK3 is led by a strong team of business professionals with a history of direct experience in the oil and gas business and providing services to energy companies. We believe that our extensive experience, innovative approach, and commitment to the customer are the cornerstones of our success.

Gary Wittsche

Position: President and CEO

Gary is the President and founder of EMK3 with over 40 years of petroleum industry experience. He has served as CPA and professional petroleum accountant/controller for energy companies such as Saber Petroleum, Amerada Hess, and Petroleum Management Inc. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa and an MBA from California State University at Sacramento.

Bill Wittsche

Position: CTO and Chief Architect

Bill is the Chief Technology Officer, Chief Architect and co-founder of EMK3. He has worked for over 25 years as a software architect, systems analyst, and computer programmer for leading technology companies including Texas Instruments and Sterling Software. As an early Internet visionary, in 1996 he co-authored a patent for a software process that integrates back-end data sources with Web server technology. In 1999, he authored two patents for an electronic marketplace system for online retailing, later sold to eBay Inc.. In 2000, he applied his technical expertise to the energy market to create the technology behind EMK3's products and has an additional patent for the applications' business process. Bill holds a B.S. degree from Texas A&M University.

Terry Coulter

Position: EVP of Sales & Business Development

Terry joined EMK3 in 2002 and serves as EVP of Sales and Business Development. With over 30 years experience in technology sales leadership and business development with Fortune 500 clients, Terry provides strategic leadership to EMK3’s sales efforts. Terry also has considerable experience in consulting, providing advisory services for the purpose of business development and software application design, and is highly regarded as a valued business partner to clients.

Dean Curtis

Position: Manager, Development and Support

Dean joined EMK3 in January 2014 serving in the role of Manager, Development and Support. His responsibilities include Agile/Waterfall Team Development and Processes, HR, Support Calls and Staff, IT infrastructure and toolset, internal communications, Market Data delivery, Coding and Delivery Standards, Code reviews, Testing, Managing Backlog and Request queues, Document Management Systems and Knowledge Bases.

His background includes R&D, full SDLC, P&L responsibility, management and customer service. He has worked for over 30 years as a Software Manager/Director, architect, systems analyst, and engineer for leading technology companies including Sabre, Harris, Equifax and NASA. As an early Internet visionary, in 1996 he founded his own software company that built and marketed software for the fitness industry, which he later sold to a dot com. In 2009 he rescued a failed Fortune 500 company’s multi-million dollar outsourced project, saving the company several million dollars and avoiding a costly lawsuit. Dean holds a B.S. in Computer Science from LSU.