EMK3 Senergy


Pipeline Operations

Operating a pipeline is a complex and time-consuming process. A pipeline presents a variety of complicated volume balancing issues. As the number of meters and shippers grow, operations become more difficult. A good pipeline operations system requires both ease of use and flexibility. For this, EMK3 offers the Pipeline Operations Modules.

The Pipeline Operations Modules are designed for gathering and transportation system operators of gas and liquid pipelines. It provides deep functional support for pipeline operators to efficiently manage the full range of complex transactions with shippers on their system. This includes tracking meters, PDAs, production, contracts, entitlements, nominations, allocations, cash-outs, reporting and invoicing. It also includes a fully functional pipeline EBB when combined with the Connect module.

The Pipeline Operations Modules support the following pipeline types:

  • Gas Pipelines
  • Oil Pipelines
  • NGL Pipelines
  • Water Pipelines

The Pipeline Operations Modules are designed for:

  • E&P companies or subsidiaries that operate a gathering system
  • Midstream Companies that operate gathering or transportation pipelines

EMK3 Senergy - Pipeline Operations Modules

Contract Administration

The Contract Administration Module allows you to manage all shipper contracts for your pipeline. Store all your contract terms in one convenient place. This module has extensive support for terms and provisions, such as gathering and fuel rates, cash-out terms, measurement and quality terms, and more. You can monitor contract expiration dates, generate contract briefs, and even electronically store your executed agreements.

Meter and Production

The Meter and Production Module stores basic information on all meters on the pipeline. It provides a single portal for all volume information critical to pipeline operations. It integrates with your production system to receive volume information from the field. In addition, it integrates with your gas plant system to receive plant allocated volumes.

Nominations and Allocations

The Nominations and Allocations Module allows you to manage all shipper activity and provides powerful tools to manage critical pipeline operation functions. You can calculate entitlements, load and manage nominations, calculate allocations and track shipper imbalances and then generate over a dozen reports.

Revenue Reporting and Analysis

The Revenue Reporting and Analysis Module captures all data used for revenue and expense calculations and provides critical internal controls for information management. This module provides full transaction processing capabilities for calculating all gathering and transportation expenses and generating invoices.

Connect! for Pipeline Ops

Connect! for Pipeline Ops is designed to enhance information exchange between the pipeline operator and the pipeline shippers. It greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of receiving information, such as nominations from the shippers. It also includes features for posting announcements, like scheduled maintenance and emergency events, and posting invoices, statements and reports.