EMK3 Senergy


Marketing Oil & Gas Supply Module

Make responsive marketing decisions with accurate, timely, and reliable volume information.

Access to accurate, timely, and reliable volume information is critical to the success of an oil and gas marketing organization. This impacts issues like determining the optimal amount to sell each day, identifying production loss or down-time, and tracking lost volume due to partner imbalances. All have an impact on revenue.

The Oil & Gas Supply Module stores basic supply point information for wells, tanks, and meters. It provides a single portal for all volume information critical to marketing operations. It integrates with your production system to receive volume information from the field. In addition, this module offers advanced tools for managing available-for-sale volume and calculating partner-level imbalances.

Oil and Gas Supply


  • Integrate with other back-office systems to View and Manage Well/Tank/Meter Information
  • Calculate Available-for-Sale for Self and Partners and Auto-Email Reports
  • Define Information Alerts for Key Events
  • Integrate with Accounting System Track all Partner Interests (DOI)
  • Track GBA Terms, Partner Imbalance Positions and Makeup-up/Pay-back
  • Generate Valuable Operational Reports
  • Integrate with Production System to see all Volume Information
  • Calculate Partner Balancing and Generate Imbalance Statements

Key Features

  • Manage Well/Tank/Meter Information

    Manage basic information on all supply points, such as wells, tanks, meters, etc. Information includes well name, meter no., location, operator, and more.

  • Track all Partner Interests (DOI)

    For each supply point, track all working and royalty interest partners, including GWI %, Entitlement %, and AFS %, and marketing arrangement (ie. JOA or Take-In-Kind). Automatically roll up DOI to aggregation points.

  • Integrate with Production System

    Integrates with your production system to receive daily field volumes and production forecasts.

  • Calculate Available-for-Sale

    Calculate available-for-sale volumes with makeup/payback adjustments and auto-email AFS reports to partners.

  • Track GBA Terms

    Track your gas balancing agreement (GBA) terms, such as over produced cap, under produced makeup percent, and excluded months. Also, track make-up/pay-back status for each partner per month.

  • Manage all Volume Information

    Manage all production forecasts, production actual, available-for-sale, pipeline allocated, and partner allocated volumes.

  • Manage Partner Imbalances

    Manage all partner-level imbalances (partner balancing) and invoke make-up/pay-back provisions to bring back into balance.

  • Define Information Alerts

    Set up various types of automated user alerting, such as a change in production volume or a change to a DOI deck.

  • Generate Reports

    Division of Interest, Allocation Table, Monthly Production, Run Ticket, Split-Connect, and more.