EMK3 Senergy

System Administration

EMK3 Senergy

System Administration and Internal Controls

Establish strong internal controls around key marketing processes.

Companies today require strong internal controls over information and processes effecting corporate financials. Effective information technology and the controls placed on infrastructure, access, and data management are the foundation of sound compliance architecture. EMK3’s application suite can assist in establishing strong internal controls around key marketing processes.

Technology constantly changes. Whether that is to how applications are deployed, where they are hosted or how they communicate, EMK3 Senergy’s modern application architecture will allow you to change with it.

System Admin and Internal Controls


  • Integrate with Corporate AD for Security
  • Extensive Audit Logging
  • Comprehensive Alerting Engine
  • Role-Based Security
  • Data Locking
  • Managed Approval Chain
  • Full Information Transparency
  • Electronic Document Storage
  • Seamless Process Workflow

Key Features

Managed Security

Controlled access to all data, functions, and processes through user id and password authentication. You can also designate what information a user can access and what actions they can perform (like Read-Only, Add, Edit, Delete).

Role-Based Security

Assign access rights to users by defining roles and associating users to roles. The user inherits the permissions of the role.

Integration with Corporate AD

Integrate EMK3’s application security in with your existing corporate Active Directory so that the users log into EMK3 with their network account.

Extensive Audit Logging

Track user activity such as logon/logoff and all Add/Edit/Delete actions for quick auditing and review.

Data Locking

Prevent unintentional or unauthorized editing and deleting of information by locking data (like master data, contracts, AFS, revenue, and more).

Comprehensive Alerting Engine

Set alerts on various parameters and get proactive notification of upcoming events that require action.

Managed Approval Chain

Setup and manage an approval process by defining an approval chain, tracking the status along each step, and digitally recording each signature.

Electronic Document Storage

Store all your contracts and supporting documentation electronically in a single system for easy maintenance and retrieval.

Seamless Process Workflow

Data flows seamlessly from process-to-process by having extensive built-in functionality for all marketing tasks and flexible integration options for exchanging information with other systems.

Full Information Transparency

Information is stored in a central database repository for easy access, review, management, and control.

Structured Data Storage

All data is stored in an enterprise-class relational database system (RDBS). Data in an RDBS is interconnected in a structured and consistent form.