EMK3 is committed to building a mutually beneficial relationship with other companies who share a common commitment to delivering the highest quality customer satisfaction. Together with our partners, we work to build satisfaction, loyalty and tangible business value for our customers.

EMK3’s partners have industry expertise and real-world experiences to help customers achieve greater value from their EMK3 software. Some of these services include custom reporting, interface design and automation, project management and implementation assistance. Working together, we focus on creating innovative solutions for each customer’s unique needs.

Our Partners

Stonebridge Consulting

Stonebridge Consulting provides business advisory and technology services for next-gen oil and gas. Stonebridge is 100% focused on the oil and gas industry. Our industry expertise, proven methodologies, and extensive project IP and solution accelerators enable us to deliver projects faster, generating measurable improvements in operational efficiency and saving project time and costs by as much as 50 percent. Stonebridge’s partnership with EMK3 enables our clients to deliver master data management (MDM) solutions that improve enterprise data management, business analytics, and decision support.

EAG Services

EAG Services provides unbiased recommendations, advisory and execution support to energy companies in the upstream, midstream, alternative, and service sectors. We differentiate ourselves by providing our clients with industry-specific expertise and by recommending practical and cost-effective solutions. EAS is dedicated to identifying the "right" solutions for our clients and providing the level of execution assistance necessary for success.

Seven Lakes Technologies

Seven Lakes Technologies provides innovative tech. solutions, focused on mobility & business intelligence for field operations. Our well established technology architecture that follows true principals surrounding Master Data Management (MDM) helps upstream operations quickly integrate applications. Services include data warehousing solutions, interactive reports & dashboards and full data integration such as EMK3, ProCount, Aries, Enertia etc. Seven Lakes also helps teams such as Operations realize how they are doing against their targets by bringing information in from disparate systems into a data warehouse that gets served up to users through high-performing OLAP business cubes.

Sirius Solutions

Sirius Solutions, L.L.L.P. is an independent business consulting firm specializing in the areas of Financial Advisory, Energy Consulting Business Operations, Compliance & Controls, Legal & Dispute and Technology. Sirius Solutions works directly with EMK3 clients to develop custom reporting, interface, and information retrieval solutions. Over the past few years, we have developed 50+ Custom Reports, Extracts and Interfaces for a number of EMK3 customers. During this time, we have become intimately familiar with the modules and data within EMK3. Sirius Solutions’ knowledge of the EMK3 Senergy data means we are uniquely qualified to provide you with all the information within system quickly and efficiently. We will work with you to design and develop a custom solution to meet your requirements and surpass your expectations.

V3 Solutions LLC

V3 Solutions LLC is a commercial software company dedicated to providing the energy industry with the tools needed to manage the ever-increasing information demands of a global economy. At the heart of the V3 business model is the idea that the most successful companies are those that focus on their core strengths, while always searching for innovative methods to overcome their weaknesses. V3 is dedicated to develop and create innovative, yet practical, solutions for the energy industry.