EMK3 Senergy


EMK3 Senergy

Marketing for Oil, Gas and NGL

The Oil, Gas and NGL Marketing Modules are a complete energy marketing application suite, starting at the wellhead. It provides deep functional support for all processes involved with marketing Oil and Gas. This includes tracking wells, DOI, production, available-for-sale, partner balancing, bid solicitation, contract administration, nominations and scheduling, pipeline balancing, invoicing, wellhead netbacks and accruals.

The Marketing Modules support the following product types:

  • Crude Oil
  • Natural Gas
  • Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs)

The Marketing Modules are designed for:

  • E&P companies or subsidiaries with wellhead equity production
  • Midstream Companies
  • Oil/Gas/NGL marketing companies
  • Crude Oil "First-Purchaser" companies

EMK3 Senergy - Marketing Modules

The Market Data Module allows producers to monitor key oil, gas and NGL pricing information for both US and Canadian markets. It provides daily, weekly, and monthly pricing data and includes powerful graphing and analysis tools for observing trends, comparing differentials (to NYMEX or other index points), and analyzing pricing formulas.

The Oil & Gas Supply Module stores basic supply point information for wells, tanks, and meters. It provides a single portal for all volume information critical to marketing operations. It integrates with your production system to receive volume information from the field. In addition, this module offers advanced tools for managing available-for-sale volume and calculating partner-level imbalances.

The Contract Administration Module allows you to manage all oil, gas and NGL sales contracts along with any 3rd-party purchases. Store all your contract terms in one convenient place. This module has extensive pricing formula support including gas plant sales with liquids. You can monitor contract expiration dates, generate gas confirmations, and even electronically store your executed agreements.

The Transportation & Gas Control Module provides powerful tools to manage critical gas control issues. You can manage your scheduling and nominations at all receipt and delivery points starting at the gathering system and moving down-stream to your purchasers. The system tracks each segment along the transportation path keeping track of daily and monthly variances at each point. The system also manages pipeline imbalances and calculates the appropriate value.

The Revenue Reporting & Analysis Module captures all data used for revenue and expense calculations and provides critical internal controls for information management. This module provides full transaction processing capabilities from calculating wellhead netback prices, including all gathering and transportation expenses, to powerful reporting and analysis tools.

The Marketing Activity Module allows you to track all your oil and gas marketing activity, such as how often you solicit bids, who you solicited from, what bids you receive, and what your selection criteria are. In the current regulatory environment of information integrity and transparency, this module provides a valuable tool for documenting your marketing due-diligence and defending against royalty owner or other challenges.