EMK3 Senergy


Risk Management Credit

Assure credit policy compliance by managing credit exposure in real-time.

In today’s volatile corporate environment and unstable oil and gas prices, many E&P companies are putting more focus on credit management. Balancing exposure across multiple counterparties and monitoring credit limits is critical to an oil and gas producer’s business.

The Credit Module is designed for oil and gas producers to carefully monitor vital credit activities. This module allows you to capture all credit terms, maintain accurate account balances, and value all physical and financial (hedge) transactions to give you realtime credit exposure. Exposure can be evaluated 30, 60, 90 or more days into the future and reported by counterparty.



  • Capture Counter-Party Credit Parameters
  • Calculate Credit Exposure
  • Include Physical and Financial Transactions
  • View Account Balances
  • Integrate NYMEX Forward Curves
  • Supports Multiple Forecasting Methods
  • Supports Multiple Credit Lines
  • Graphical Analysis and Reports

Key Features

  • Capture Counter-Party Credit Parameters

    Capture various credit parameters for each counter-party including Credit Rating, Credit Score, LC, Parental Guarantee and more.

  • Calculate Credit Exposure

    Forecast credit exposure out 30, 60, 90 or more days. Support for multiple volume and price forecasting methodologies.

  • Include Physical and Financial Transactions

    Get a complete credit assessment by combining both physical sales and financial hedges.

  • View Account Balances

    Integrate with your accounting system to include accurate unpaid balances into your credit assessment.

  • Integrate NYMEX Forward Curves

    Forecast sales for future months by integrating forward curve basis differentials from CME NYMEX Clearport.

  • Multiple Forecasting Methods

    Create multiple credit exposure profiles for each counterparty to assess credit exposure from different parameters.

  • Multiple Credit Lines

    Enter multiple credit lines for each counterparty and assess credit exposure by credit line.

  • Graphical Analysis

    With dashboard technology, visually and interactivity monitor all credit exposures at both the summary and detail levels.

  • Generate Reports

    Credit Detail, Credit Summary, Historic Revenue, and more.