EMK3 Senergy

Marketing Transportation & Gas Control

EMK3 Senergy

Marketing Transportation & Gas Control Module

Optimally schedule and transport production every day while limiting costly imbalances.

Oil and gas schedulers face the day-to-day challenge of managing their contracted volume obligations. Unexpected flow issues can have a severe impact on revenue and result in costly pipeline penalties. Setting the nominations for the month and monitoring each day requires both timely data and effective tools for managing the information. For this, EMK3 offers the Transportation & Gas Control Module.

The Transportation & Gas Control Module provides powerful tools to manage critical gas control issues. You can manage your scheduling and nominations at all receipt and delivery points starting at the gathering system and moving down-stream to your purchasers. The system tracks each segment along the transportation path keeping track of daily and monthly variances at each point. The system also manages pipeline imbalances and calculates the appropriate value.



  • Manage all Facility Contracts and their Terms
  • Manage Scheduling Activity
  • Model Pathing
  • Manage Nominations
  • Track Downstream Contracts
  • Track Facility Imbalances
  • Store Executed Contracts
  • Batch Copy/Edit all Rates and Terms

Key Features

Manage all Facility Contracts and their Terms

Store all the details of your gathering, transportation, plant, storage, and other facility contracts, including all receipt/deliver points and all associated fees and adjustments.

Manage Scheduling Activity

Manage your oil, gas and NGL scheduling activity and calculate daily variances between all receipts and deliveries. The Schedulers Dashboard organizes information into intuitive windows that interoperate and refresh as you make changes. Important information like new transactions, contract imbalances, downstream contracts and MDQ variances are easy to view.

Model Pathing

Model the flow of oil, gas and NGLs across a pipe or down a sequence of pipes. Pathing will automatically recalculate delivery noms when receipt volumes are input, netting out any fuel along the path.

Manage Nominations

Manage both your nominated and pipeline actualized volumes at all receipt and delivery points and track daily and monthly variances. Batch-create new nominations for quick setup. The system automatically fills in gas availability (AFS) at receipt points and contracted sales volumes at delivery points and calculates an available daily swing.

Track Downstream Contracts

Track all downstream contract volume and adjust nominations based on downstream contract adjustments.

Track Facility Imbalances

Track your pipeline, plant, and storage imbalances across all facility contracts and calculate the value of the imbalance. Supports rolling imbalances, cashouts, imbalance swaps, and more.

Store Executed Contracts

Electronically store executed contracts in the system for centralized storage and convenient access.

Batch Copy/Edit all Facility Rates and Terms

Simplify data input and maintenance with batch copy and batch edit commands for your gathering and transportation rates. Also, use rate tables for frequently changing contract rates.

Generate Reports

Contract Brief, Monthly Nomination, Monthly Pipeline Balancing, and more.