EMK3 Senergy

A complete marketing, transportation, and midstream operations solution for energy companies

Current News

More companies adopt EMK3 Senergy as they focus on efficiency and EMK3’s low cost license model and community-style enhancement program.

  • EMK3 welcomes Talos Energy as a new customer.
  • EMK3 adds the Oil Ticketing and Water Ticketing apps to the EMK3 Cloud.
  • EMK3 adds the Data Exchange and Data Storage apps to the EMK3 Cloud.
  • EMK3 launches the new EMK3 Cloud.
  • EMK3 welcomes another Top 10 US Producer as a new customer.

What We Offer

EMK3 offers EMK3 Senergy, an end-to-end marketing, transportation, and midstream software solution designed specifically for energy companies that produce, gather, transport, process, and market Oil, Natural Gas, and Natural Gas Liquids.

EMK3 offers the EMK3 Cloud, a SaaS-based Cloud solution for EMK3 Senergy plus a new generation of cloud-first applications that drive collaboration and business process efficiencies. Together, the EMK3 Cloud is the most advanced and innovative cloud solution built for the Oil & Gas Industry.

What Our Customers Say About Us

We are having our first audit since we implemented EMK3. Things are going so much smoother and easier than the last audit that was Pre-EMK3! Pre-EMK3 days, it was a weeks long project just trying to identify all of the federal wells. With EMK3, I have all of the data I need in the system to filter to the wells and data that we need for this audit.

Companies Using EMK3 Senergy

Western Midstream

About EMK3

We are the Market Leader
EMK3 is the market leader in providing innovative and comprehensive software and service solutions designed exclusively for Oil & Gas Producers and Midstream Operators.
We have a Community Approach
EMK3 Senergy is a collaborative effort between EMK3 and its users to provide a best-practices application for an entire industry. EMK3’s software solution is a single, fully integrated, and proven software application suite.
We have a Large Customer Base
EMK3’s software and services are utilized by many of today’s premier energy companies to enable their ability to achieve key business goals and objectives.