EMK3 Connect!


EMK3 Connect! Pipeline Ops

Enhance Information Exchange between Pipeline Operator and Shippers.

The Connect! for Pipeline Ops Module is designed to enhance information exchange between the pipeline operator and the pipeline shippers. It greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of receiving information, such as nominations from the shippers. It also includes features for posting announcements, like scheduled maintenance and emergency events, and posting invoices, statements and reports.

EMK3 Connect! is an add-on module for EMK3 Senergy that creates a highly secure website designed to enhance business collaboration with external stakeholders. It runs on a Microsoft platform and is built using modern web technology.

Pipeline Ops


  • Manage All Shipper Nominations
  • Post Shipper Allocation Percents (PDA)
  • Post Invoices, Statements and Reports
  • Post Current Contract Rates
  • Post Announcements
  • Modern, Secure and Configurable

Key Features

  • Manage All Shipper Nominations

    Shippers can enter both receipt and delivery nominations including downstream contracts. The pipeline operator can then review the shipper noms and confirm back without any manual data input.

  • Post Shipper Allocation Percents (PDA)

    The pipeline operator can post the allocation percents (PDA) for each shipper on a meter for the meter operator to view.

  • Post Invoices, Statements and Reports

    The pipeline operator can post invoices, statements and reports for Shippers to download. All reports can be downloaded into Excel for shippers to easily interface with other back-office systems.

  • Post Current Contract Rates

    Shipper can review their current shipper contract rates, including gathering fees and fuel percent.

  • Post Announcements

    The pipeline operator can post both public and private announcements. Public announcements are viewable by everyone, for example contact information and pipeline specs. Private messages are viewable only by authenticated shippers, for example scheduled maintenance and emergency events.

  • Modern Web Technology

    The Connect application runs on a Microsoft Server platform and is accessible with a standard web browser. It is build using the latest .net technologies for web development. It is designed to be simple to navigate and easy to learn.

  • Secure Sign-in

    Shippers log into Connect using a 3-part authentication for added security. The log in requires an additional “Company Code” credential beyond the standard user id and password.

  • Selective Deployment

    Choose to Connect-enable all pipelines or just individual pipelines. Also, grant Connect access to all shippers or just selective shippers.

  • Configurable Access Level

    Choose which Connect features to enable per pipeline and per shipper, including read-only versus full-access. Also, instantly go from enabled to disabled in case of suspicious activity.

  • Full Audit Log

    All Connect activity is recorded in an extensive audit log. This includes activities like log-in, log-off, enter noms, download reports, and more.