The EMK3 Cloud

The most advanced and innovative cloud solution built for the Oil & Gas Industry

EMK3 Cloud

EMK3 Cloud Overview

EMK3 offers the EMK3 Cloud, a SaaS-based Cloud solution for EMK3 Senergy plus a new generation of cloud-first applications that drive collaboration and business process efficiencies. Together, the EMK3 Cloud is the most advanced and innovative cloud solution built for the Oil & Gas Industry.
The EMK3 Cloud is a true single-instance multi-tenant “Modern Cloud” built on Microsoft Azure, the world’s largest cloud provider.

Spotlight: Senergy Your Way

EMK3 Senergy has traditionally been an on-prim self-hosted application. However, its modern web-based Microsoft technology stack allows it to work naturally in the Cloud on a VM. Now with the introduction of the EMK3 Cloud, we have expanded the licensing and deployment options to include a SaaS-based Cloud solution, giving you more options to do Senergy Your Way.

Spotlight: Data Storage & Exchange

The EMK3 Cloud offers two uniquid cloud-only applications: Data Storage & Data Exchange. Together, these transform manual, inaccurate, and time-consuming data gathering processes into streamlined workflows. The result is improved data accuracy and timeliness through automation and integration.

Spotlight: A New Solution

Companies small and large all have the same challenge: 1) Find better ways to exchange information with partners, and 2) Look for cost-effective alternatives to line-of-business applications. The EMK3 Cloud is the first of its kind! An entirely new envisioning of information exchange services and line-of-business applications built on the most current cloud technology.

EMK3 Cloud - Cloud-Only Applications

A universal bi-directional data exchange, combined with powerful data transformation tools, delivers a single solution for cross-company data distribution and consumption.

An easy, flexible, and fully customizable data storage solution used to design “Forms” for storing any data in the cloud.

A modern cloud-based solution for tracking crude oil truck tickets, pipeline tickets and invoice tickets, significantly improving volume review and reconciliation efficiency.

A modern cloud-based solution for water ticket management, significantly improving tracking, review and invoicing efficiency.

Example: How it Fits Together