EMK3 Connect!


EMK3 Connect!

The Connect! Modules are designed to enhance business collaboration with external stakeholders. They work in conjunction with other Senergy modules to provide the ability to communicate with other companies electronically via the web. It creates a secure website for exchanging a variety of information like announcements, nominations, invoices, statements and reports. Connect! runs on a Microsoft platform and is built using modern web technology.

Connect! Modules

Connect! for Pipeline Ops

Connect! for Pipeline Ops is designed to enhance information exchange between the pipeline operator and the pipeline shippers. It greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of receiving information, such as nominations from the shippers. It also includes features for posting announcements, like scheduled maintenance and emergency events, and posting invoices, statements and reports.

Connect! for Plant Ops

Connect! for Plant Ops is designed to enhance information exchange between the plant operator and the upstream producers. This simplifies the distribution of information like announcements, invoices, statements and reports. It is highly configurable both at a plant level and down to individual producers.

Connect! for Gas Marketing

Connect! for Gas Marketing provides an operator with a secure website to send information to their gas partners. This automates the distribution of volumes, statements and reports improving data quality and timelines. It is highly configurable down to individual partners.